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Staring at your keys on the seat of your locked car?

To avoid locking yourself out of your vehicle again, we can make extra copies for you to keep in your purse, your wallet, with a trusted friend, or at home. From trunk keys to ignition keys, we can duplicate your key.

Locked out?

You never lock yourself out of your vehicle when you have time to spare - it's always when you're on the run, going to work, picking up the kids, or heading home after a long day of work.


We will come to you with our mobile service and unlock your vehicle expertly, at a price you can afford.

Affordable key duplication

Getting a new key from your dealership is expensive and a pain - you have to go to them, and you pay for it. Alpine Locksmith has a mobile service for your convenience, and budget friendly costs.


We can duplicate keys for campers, RV’s, boats and other recreational vehicles.

Don't worry - we can duplicate your key!

Spare keys